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Small Museum Collection Care Grants


A CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grant of $1500 is intended to assist the costume and textiles collection of a small museum (including historical societies, historic houses or sites, and other similar institutions) that has a very limited budget and staff. Funding may be used to support the care, conservation, and/or exhibition of costume and textiles that have historic, regional, or other significance and are intended for preservation.


First awarded in 2003, and now funded by the CSA Endowment, one or more Small Museum Collection Care Grants are awarded annually. These grants may be used for appropriate supplies or display items, the services of a consultant or specialist, or other projects that relate directly to the institution's costume collection and foster the care or use of the collection at a level appropriate to the particular collection's most pressing needs.


Institutions applying for a grant must meet the following requirements:

  • fall into the small museum category, which includes historical societies, historic houses or sites, or other similar institutions
  • have an annual budget of $250,000 or less and five or fewer full-time paid staff members
  • be a non-profit organization as recognized under IRS Section 501
  • be regularly open to the public for a minimum of forty days per year
  • have a collection of tangible costume objects
  • have very limited budget and staff to support their costume collection
  • propose a project relating to maintaining the costume and textile collection
  • to accept a grant, an institution must be or become an Institutional Member of the Costume Society of America or have an active staff member who is an Individual CSA member
  • an institution is not eligible to receive a grant more than once in three years
  • Application Deadline

    Completed applications must be sent electronically or postmarked by February 1, 2016.

    Application Procedure

    Complete the application (see below). Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit one application electronically. If not submitting electronically, send six (6) copies of the application material (with a single copy of the institutionís most recent IRS Form 990/999-EZ and all schedules), together with any relevant documentation and supporting material.

    Send electronic submissions to:

    Send hard copies to:
    Cynthia Amneus, CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grants Committee Chair
    Cincinnati Art Museum
    953 Eden Park Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45202

    Questions? Contact Cynthia Amneus, CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grants Committee Chair, at

    Selection Criteria

    A CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grant is intended to make a dramatic beneficial impact on the receiving institution's costume collection. Institutions must have annual budgets of $250,000 or less and five or fewer full-time staff members. Budget size and access to other financial resources will be taken into account when selecting grant recipients, with strong preference given to institutions with very limited budget and resources. Applications will be evaluated on:

  • high impact of the project on collection's well-being and mission
  • feasibility of the project in terms of budget, timeline, and personnel to carry it out
  • significance of the collection
  • Grant Schedule

    The grant committee will review the applications and select a short list of candidates. Recognizing that applicants may not be able to prepare a complete project proposal (with formal proposals from conservators or consultants and a list of the most appropriate materials), institutions may be asked to clarify or refine their applications if necessary, working with the grant committee to ensure that their proposed project is feasible, conservationally sound, in the best interests of the collection, and meets the collection's most pressing needs. A final evaluation will then be done and the grant committee will select the grant recipients.

    Grant recipients will be announced at the CSA National Symposium. Grant funds will be available by June 15. Funded projects must be completed by June 30 of the following year. Upon completion of their project, each institution must submit a final report, preferably with before and after images, to the grant committee chair. Completed projects will be publicized in CSA News and/or CSA E-news and media in the institutionís area.

    Application for a
    CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grant

    Institution's Name ________________________________________________
    Institution's Address ______________________________________________
    Contact Name _________________________________ Title _____________
    Telephone ___________________________ Email _______________________
    Please provide a very brief summary of the proposed project.

    Provide answers to the following. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    1) Briefly describe the institution, including institutional history, the institutional mission, budget, and the paid and unpaid staff (reported as full-time equivalents, ie. half-time, quarter-time, etc). (Please provide one copy of your institution's most recent IRS Form 990/990-EZ (and all schedules) with your application).

    2) Describe the institutional holdings, especially the size and scope of the costume and textile collection and its relationship to the institutional mission.

    3) Detail what, if anything, has been done with the costume collection in terms of cataloguing, care and storage, research, interpretation, exhibition, and publication. Briefly describe the personnel who work with the collection.

    4) Describe the proposed project and the time line. Include specific information about the costume objects to which it pertains and the proposed time line.

    5) Outline the budget for the proposed project, including any requested supplies and personnel (see next two questions).

    6) If supplies are requested, list what they are and how they will be used. Attach a list of items, suppliers, quantity, costs, and totals. (For a list of appropriate archival supplies and suppliers, please consult the Archival Storage Supply List.)

    7) If the project involves a consultant or specialist, name the person and attach a resume (no more than two pages) describing the individual's qualifications and experience and also attach a letter of intent from that person agreeing to work for the compensation outlined in the budget and within the time frame of the project. To find a qualified conservator, please visit the American Institute of Conservation website at If museum staff are involved, name the staff person and attach a brief resume (no more than two pages) describing the staff member's qualifications and experience. Staff members should have basic knowledge of current standards of caring for fiber-based objects.

    8) Outline the impact of the proposed project on the institution, detailing why the institution needs this grant and how the project meets the costume collection's most pressing needs.

    Submit an electronic application or mail 6 copies of the application, postmarked no later than February 1, 2016, to:

    Cynthia Amneus, CSA Small Museum Collection Care Grants Committee Chair
    Cincinnati Art Museum
    953 Eden Park Drive
    Cincinnati, OH 45202

    Receipt of applications will be acknowledged within one week.


    Small Museum Collection Care Grant Recipients

    Miami County Historical Society, Peru Indiana
    Steel Plant Museum of Western New York, Buffalo, New York

    The Museum of Culpeper History, Culpeper, Virginia
    Franklin County Historical Society-Kittochtinny, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

    The American Museum of Magic, Marshall, Michigan
    The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Denver, Colorado
    The Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, Evanston, Illinois

    Monroe County Historical Society, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
    Giles County Historical Society, Pearisburg, Virginia

    New Castle Historical Society, New Castle, Delaware
    Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, New Bedford, Massachusetts

    Cedar Falls Historical Society, Cedar Falls, Iowa

    Clarke Historical Society, Eureka, California
    Shelton Historical Society, Shelton, Connecticut

    Tecumseh Area Historical Society, Tecumseh, Michigan
    Casa Grande Valley Historical Society, Casa Grande, Arizona

    Days of '76 Museum, Deadwood, South Dakota

    The Barnacle Society, Inc., Coconut Grove, Florida
    Poultney Historical Society, Poultney, Vermont

    Avery House Historic District Guild, Fort Collins, Colorado
    Watkins Community Museum of History, Lawrence, Kansas

    The Historical Society of Pomona Valley, Inc., Pomona, California


    For more detailed information, please contact the National Office. Include the name of the grant in your request.