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Dressing for the Occasion

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Costume Society of America — Midwest Region
Annual Symposium and Meeting
September 26-27, 2014
Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

“Occasion” is a particular time, especially when something happens that involves thinking about how to dress — such as seasonal changes and special events. Come to the CSA Regional meeting, September 26 and 27, 2014, in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis- Saint Paul, Minnesota to learn about “Dressing for the Occasion.”
Autumn is a spectacular season in Minnesota — along the majestic Mississippi River leaves begin turning vibrant color, squirrels make ready for the coming winter, and CSA members will enjoy the opportunity to tour costume collections, the many theaters and the enticing extras that make Minneapolis-Saint Paul such a vibrant community. Did you know that Minneapolis is home to the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture, the Mall of America, Target Headquarters, the American Craft Council — and that many artists actively design and live in warehouse lofts in both Minneapolis and Saint Paul?

Special conference tours will include the Goldstein Museum of Design’s Historic Costume Collection, the Guthrie Costume Shop, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Textile Center, and the Minnesota History Center. During your visit, attend one of the many repertoire theaters, including the famous Guthrie Theater or MN History Theater.

Download Registration Brochure

Early Bird Deadline: August 22 - $130.00

Mail registration form to:
Marilyn DeLong
College of Design
240 McNeal
1985 Buford Avenue
University of Minnesota
Saint Paul, MN 55108-6136



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