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Regional Leadership

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Executive Committee
President - Mary Gibson
President-Elect/Programs -
Treasurer - Meghan Hansen
Secretary - Cathy Roy

Board Members
Brenna Barks
Inez Brookes-Myers
Abra Flores
Mary Gibson
Meghan Hansen
Mary LaVenture
Celia Sedwick Rogus
Elise Rousseau
Cathy Roy
Kendra Van Cleave
Heather Vaughan Lee
Leigh Wishner

Appointed Officers & Committee Chairs
Education Chair - Abra Flores
Elections Chair - Elise Rousseau
Mail Manager - Mary LaVenture
Nominating Committee Chair - Kendra Van Cleave
Newsletter Editor - Rachel Harris
Membership Chair - Inez Brooks-Myers
Program Co-Chairs - Leigh Wishner and Elise Rousseau
Publicity Chair - Brenna Barks
Past President and Historian/Archivist - Heather Vaughan Lee
Western Region Website Manager - Kelly Lynn Reddy-Best
Student Awards Chair/Summer Intern Chair - Celia Sedwick Rogus

Past Presidents
Alicia Annas
Inez Brooks-Myers
Nancy Bryant
Nancy Fadis
Shelly Foote
Norma Greene
Melissa Leventon
Edward Maeder
Shelley Rideout
Phyllis Specht
Barbara Sloan
Jo Ann Stabb
M. Sue Stanley
Carol Tuntland
Heather Vaughan Lee


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• Hawaii
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• Northwest Territories
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