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Costume Society of America Angels Project


The CSA Angels Project is a one-day event, held each year near the site of the CSA National Symposium, which provides conservation, storage and curatorial assistance to a costume collection at a small institution. The project also affords CSA members who volunteer the opportunity to acquire and practice collection care and management skills, and to work in a team with other CSA members to help preserve a deserving costume collection.


The CSA Angels Project, which first took place in 2006, supports a deserving collection located in or near the host city of that year’s CSA National Symposium. The site is selected by the Angels Project leadership, who work with those at the collection to develop a workable plan for a one-day intensive project that meets the collection’s most pressing needs. Most of the necessary conservation supplies are typically donated by businesses in the museum industry, and some monetary funding for the project is provided by donation and by the CSA Endowment. Staff and volunteers of the collection are provided with basic training in museum standards of care for costume and accessories collections, and CSA members volunteer to provide expertise and additional human resources. Supporters of the institution generally help by providing overnight accommodation and food for the CSA team.

How to Volunteer

Each CSA Angels Project provides members of the Costume Society of America with a valuable opportunity to acquire and practice collection care and management skills while helping a deserving collection. Volunteering to help is also a great way to meet other CSA members and work with them as part of a team. We hope you'll join us for our next Angels Project.

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Angels Project, contact CSA Angels Project Volunteer Coordinator Patti Borrello at

Costume Society of America Angels Project Recipients

Follow links to view videos of CSA Angels Projects

Historical Society of Baltimore County, Cockeysville, Maryland

Hoover Dam / Boulder City Museum, Boulder City, Nevada

The Marietta Museum of History, Marietta, Georgia

Colonial Dames of America at the William Hickling Prescott House, Boston, Massachusetts

Rebecca Maud Owens Costume Collection, Kansas City, Missouri

Phoenix Museum of History, Phoenix, Arizona

Jackson Barracks Military Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana

Ramona Pioneer Historical Society at the Guy B. Woodward Museum, Ramona, California

Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer House, Stonington Connecticut Historical Society, Stonington, Connecticut



The Marietta Museum of History, Marietta, Georgia

From top:
• Kelly Reddy-Best, Textile Conservator, (Western Region) treats a Civil War era silk gown.
• Patti Borrello (Midwestern Region) and Penny DiPalma (Southeastern Region) clean a costume artifact in preparation for storage.
• Marie Therese Verville (Midwestern Region) sews an identification label onto an artifact, part of the Marietta Museum of History's costume collection.
• Repairs are being performed on a mid-19th century capelet by Emily Kelley (Midwestern Region).