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The Journal of The Costume Society of America includes articles, book and exhibition reviews, letters to the editor and short reports. It represents the highest level of scholarship and addresses the diverse interests of the membership. Articles may be biographies, conservation reports, theoretical discussions or analytical and interpretative papers that describe and place costume in cultural or historical context.

Dress has increased from 1 to 2 issues per year. The complete archive for Dress from Volume 1, 1975 is available online for institutional subscribers and CSA Members.

Christina Bates

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Rob Schorman

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Rob Schorman

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Jane Farrell-Beck
Jacqueline Field
Sally Helvenston Gray
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Listing of Articles as seen in DRESS, 2010 - 2012

Volume 38 - 2012

Volume 37 - 2011

Volume 36 - 2010

Listing of Articles as seen in DRESS, 1975 - 2009

Volume 35 - 2008-2009

  • Carlson, Hannah. Stella Blum Grant Report: Idle Hands and Empty Pockets: Postures of Leisure.
  • Leipzig, Sheryl Farnan and Farrell-Beck, Jane and Parsons, Jean. It's a Profession that is New, Unlimited, and Rich: Promotion of the American Designer in the 1930s.
  • Marcketti, Sara and Farrell-Beck, Jane. 'Look Like a Lady; Act Like a Man; Work Like a Dog': Dressing for Business Success.
  • Pederson, Elaine L. and Buckland, Sandra Stansbery and Bates, Christina. Theory and Dress Scholarship: A Discussion on Developing and Applying Theory.

Volume 34 - 2007 (Dress and the Decorative Arts)

  • Ackerman, Evelyn. Short Report: Costume is the Key: Seventeenth Century Miniature Portraits with Costume Overlays.
  • Baumgarten, Linda. The Layered Look: Design in Eighteenth-Century Quilted Petticoats.
  • Campagnol, Isabella. Venice 1870-1930: The Rediscovery of Textile Arts.
  • Marketti, Sara and Parsons, Jean L. American Fashions for American Women: Early Twentieth Century Efforts to Develop an American Fashion Identity.
  • Schoeser, Mary. A Secret Trade: Plate-Printed Textiles and Dress Accessories, ca. 1620-1820.

Volune 33 - 2006

  • Akou, Heather Marie. Documenting the Origins of Somali Folk Dress: Evidence from the Bonaparte Collection.
  • Brautbar, Shirli. Fashioning Gender and Jewishness: Hadassah, Fashion Shows, and Beauty Culture in the Post World War II Era.
  • Field, Jacqueline. Bernat Klein's Couture Tweeds: Color and Fabric Innovation, 1960-1980.
  • Lazaro, David E. Fashion and Frugality: English Patterned Silks in Connecticut River Valley Women's Dress, 1660-1800.
  • Vaughan, Heather. Natacha Rambova, Fashion Designer (1928-1931).
  • Wrisley, Melyssa. Stella Blum Grant Report: 'Fashion I Despised': Charlotte Perkins Gilman and American Dress Reform, 1880-1920.

Volume 32 - 2005

  • Albritton, Ann. "She Has a Body on Her Dress": Sonia Delaunay-Terk's First Simultaneous Dress, 1913.
  • Coffey-Webb, Louise and Rosenbaum, Sandra L. Short report: James Galanos.
  • Gray, Sally Helvenston and Peteu, Mihaela. "Invention, the Angel of the Nineteenth Century": Patents for Women's Cycling Attire in the 1890s.
  • Murphy, Michael. Stella Blum Grant Report: Orthopedic Manhood: Detachable Shirt Collars and Reconstruction of the White Male Body in America, ca. 1880-1910.
  • Strawn, Susan, Farrell-Beck, Jane and Hemken, Ann R. Bib Overalls: Function and Fashion.
  • Tandberg, Gerilyn. Confederate Bonnets: Imagination and Ingenuity.
  • Van Cleave, Kendra. "A Style All Her Own": Fashion, Clothing Practices and Female Community at Smith College, 1920-1929.

Volume 31 - 2004

  • Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly. French Connections: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, and the Anglo-French Fashion Exchange.
  • Bissonnette, Anne. Stella Blum Grant Report: Fashion on the Ohio Frontier, 1790-1840.
  • Farrell-Beck, Jane and Hall, Carol L. Short Report: Adolescent Consumers of Foundations, 1920s - 1950s.
  • Field, Jacqueline. A 1916 Silk Ensemble: Linking Local and House Museum History.
  • Johnson, Christina M. Each Button, Every Hole, and Every Fold: Dress in the American Daguerreotype Portrait.
  • Lazaro, David E. and Warner, Patricia Campbell. The All-Over Pleated Bodice: Dressmaking in Transition, 1780-1805.

Volume 30 - 2003

  • Gibson, Robyn. Schiaparelli, Surrealism and the Desk Suit.
  • Gordon, Beverly. Costume Representations of Early America: A Gendered Portrayal, 1850-1940.
  • Miller, Marla R. Gownmaking as a Trade for Women in Eighteenth-Century Rural New England.
  • Saville, Deborah. Stella Blum Grant Report: Freud, Flappers and Bohemians: The Influence of Modern Psychological Thought and Social Ideology on Dress, 1910-1923.
  • Seligman, Kevin and Stein, Gail. Short Report: The Kevin L. Seligman Library and Archive.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. "Washed again today, the skin was gone from my hands": Doing the Laundry in Women's Colleges, 1840-1890.
  • Webber-Hanchett, Tiffany. Stella Blum Grant Report: Dorothy Shaver: Promoter of "The American Look."

Volume 29 - 2002

  • Bradley, Barry W., Druesedow, Jean L., and Wajda, Shirley Teresa. Phyllis Primrose Peckham: Dressed for Posterity.
  • Coleman, Elizabeth Ann. Introduction to Special Issue: Conversations About Costume and the Visual Arts.
  • Craugwell-Varda, Kathleen, Schoelwer, Susan P., and Steinberg, Sharon Y. Costume and Portraiture in the 1830s: A Connecticut Case Study.
  • Fortune, Brandon Brame. "Studious Men are Always Painted in Gowns": Charles Wilson Peale's 'Benjamin Rush' and the Question of Banyans in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-American Portraiture.
  • McNamara, Mary Jo. Minerva Chapman's Miniatures: Costume and the New Woman.
  • Reinhardt, Leslie. "The Work of Fancy and Taste": Copley's Invented Dress and the Case of Rebecca Boylston.
  • Sachant, Pamela Jane. Costumes and Clothes: The Intersection of Art and Life in George Seeley's Photographs and Laura Seeley's Diary.
  • Wilson, Gayle and Chew, Elizabeth V. Fashioning an American Diplomat: The Mather Brown Portrait of Thomas Jefferson.

Volume 28 - 2001

  • Benhamou, Reed. Who Controls This Private Space? The Offense and Defense of the Hoop in Early Eighteenth-Century France and England.
  • Emery, Joy. Short Report: Dress Like a Star: Hollywood and the Pattern Industry.
  • Field, Jacqueline. Dyes, Chemistry and Clothing: The Influence of World War I on Fabrics, Fashions and Silk.
  • Johns, Maxine James and Farrell-Beck, Jane. "Cut Out the Sleeves" Nineteenth-Century U.S. Women Swimmers and Their Attire.
  • La Chapelle, Peter. Stella Blum Grant Report: All That Glitters: Country Music, Taste, and the Politics of the "Nudie" Suit.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. "It Looks Very Nice Indeed." Clothing in Women's Colleges, 1837-1897.
  • Wilson, Laurel. American Cowboy Dress: Function to Fashion.
  • Winner, Viola Hopkins. Abigail Adams and "The Rage of Fashion."

Volume 27 - 2000

  • Bates, Christina. Women's Hats and the Millinery Trade, 1840-1940. An Annotated Bibliography.
  • Chico, Beverly. Gender Headwear Traditions in Judaism and Islam.
  • Cocuzza, Dominique. Stella Blum Grant Report: The Dress of Free Women of Color in New Orleans, 1780-1840.
  • Eicher, Joanne B. The Anthropology of Dress.
  • Maglio, Diane. Luxuriant Crowns: Victorian Men's Smoking Caps, 1850-1890.
  • Shade, Laurie. Short Report: Shipwreck: Ansel and Adeline Easton's Honeymoon Voyage of 1857.
  • Stein, Gale. Mr. John, "Emperor of Fashion."
  • White, Sophie. The Shape of French Costume Studies: Focus on the Eighteenth Century

Volume 26 - 1999

  • Field, Jacqueline. Silk and Style: Affording American Machine-Made Silks at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.
  • Gau, Colleen. Stella Blum Grant Report: Physiologic Effects of Wearing Corsets: Studies with Reenactors.
  • Greene, Susan W. Service With Style: Indigo, Manganese Bronze, and Hoyle's Purple Dress Prints, 1800-1855.
  • Sullivan, Joan L. In Pursuit of Legitimacy: Home Economists and the Hoover Apron in World War I.
  • Waugh, Christina Frieder. "Well-Cut through the Body:" Fitted Clothing in Twelfth-Century Europe.
  • Zucker, Betty. Short Report: The Harry Simons Archive.

Volume 25 - 1998

  • Baumgarten, Linda. Altered Historical Clothing.
  • Boardman, Michelle. Shoulder to Shoulder: Women's Patriotic Scarves of World War II.
  • Buckland, Sandrea Stansbery and O'Neal, Gwendolyn S. 'We Publish Fashions Because They are News:' The New York Times 1940 through 1945.
  • Chrisman, Kimberly. 'The Upholstery of Life': Clothing and Character in the Novels of Edith Wharton.
  • Coleman, Elizabeth Ann. Short Report: Jessie Franklin Turner: A Flight Path for Early Modern American Fashion.
  • Schorman, Rob. Stella Blum Grant Report: What to Wear and How to Make It: The Meaning of Clothes in Late Nineteenth-Century America.

Volume 24 - 1997

  • Bates, Christina. How to Dress the Children? A Comparison of Prescription and Practice in Late-Nineteenth-Century North America.
  • Kidd, Laura K. and Farrell-Beck, Jane. Menstrual Products Patented in the United States, 1854-1921.
  • Kidwell, Claudia Brush. Are Those Clothes Real? Transforming the Way Eighteenth-Century Portraits are Studied.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. Clothing as Barrier: American Women in the Olympics, 1900-1920.
  • Welters, Linda. Dress as Souvenir: Piña Cloth in the Nineteenth-Century.
  • White, Sophie. Stella Blum Grant Report: Dress in French Colonial Louisiana, 1699-1769: the Evidence from Notarial Sources.

Volume 23 - 1996

  • Baumgarten, Linda. Dressing for Pregnancy: A Maternity Gown of 1780-1795.
  • Benner, Louise D. and Feather, Betty L. Julia Wolfe and Eliza Gant: Clothing Helps to Focus a Blurred Image.
  • Clayton-Gouthro, Cecile. Social Commentary in Nineteenth Century Crinoline Cartoons from "Punch."
  • Fields, Jill and Shifrin, Susan. Stella Blum Grant Reports.
  • Jirousek, Charlotte A. Dress as Social Policy: Change in Women's Dress in a Southwestern Turkish Village.
  • Williams, Patricia. Festival, Folk Dress, Government and Tradition in Twentieth Century Czechoslovakia.
  • Wilson, Laurel E. The Cowboy: Real and Imagined.

Volume 22 - 1995

  • Adams-Graf, John. In Rags for Riches: A Daguerreian Survey of Forty-Niner's Clothing.
  • Cooper, Cynthia. Brilliant and Instructive Spectacles: Canada's Fancy Dress Balls, 1876-1898.
  • Jirousek, Charlotte. More Than Oriental Splendor: European and Ottoman Headgear, 1380-1580.
  • Martin, Richard. Identity: George Platt Lynes's Photograph of Carl Carlsen.
  • Tarrant, Naomi E. A. The Portrait, the Artist and the Costume Historian.
  • Taylor, Lou. The Work and Function of the Paris Couture Industry During the German Occupation of 1940-44.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. The Gym Slip: The Origins of the English Schoolgirl Tunic.

Volume 21 - 1994

  • Abbott, Reginald. What Becomes a Legend Most?: Fur in the Medieval Romance.
  • Barber, Elizabeth Wayland. On the Antiquity of East European Bridal Clothing.
  • Hunt, Patricia. Swathed in Cloth: The Headwraps of Some African American Women in Georgia and South Carolina During the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.
  • Lemire, Beverly. Redressing the History of the Clothing Trade in England: Ready-made Clothing, Guilds, and Women Workers, 1650-1800.
  • Schwarz, Maureen Trudelle and Hamblin, Diana. Stella Blum Grant Reports.
  • Sorge, Lynn. The Evolution of Nineteenth-Century Shaker Dresses: Reflection of the "World."

Volume 20 - 1993

  • Baizerman, Suzanne, Eicher, Joanne B. and Cerny, Catherine. Eurocentrism in the Study of Ethnic Dress.
  • Boehlke, Heidi L. Ruth M. Kapinas, Munsingwear's Forgotten "Foundettes" Designer.
  • Lopez, Judith. Short Report: Buttonholes: Some Differences in Gender-related Front Closures.
  • Mailand, Harold F. Treating Charlotte Robertson's 1802 Dress.
  • Palmer, Alexandra and Townsend, Camilla. Stella Blum Grant Reports.
  • Parker, Donna. Made to Fit a Woman: Riding Uniforms of the Frontier Nursing Service.
  • Samek, Susan M. Uniformly Feminine: The "Working Chic" of Mainbocher.
  • Welters, Linda and Kuhn, Ira. Mãra and Zig-Zag: Mythological Signs in Latvian Women's Headgear.

Volume 19 - 1992

  • Baumgarten, Linda. Under Waistcoats and Drawers.
  • Connolly, Loris. Recycling Feed Sacks and Flour Bags: Thrifty Housewives or Marketing Success Story?
  • Cunningham, Patricia A. Response to Forum: Gendered Appearances in Twentieth-Century Popular Media.
  • Farrell-Beck, Jane and Johnson, Joyce Starr. Remodeling and Renovating Clothes, 1870-1933.
  • Geum, Key-Sook and DeLong, Marilyn Revell. Korean Traditional Dress as an Expression of Heritage.
  • Gordon, Beverly. The Great Lakes Indian Bandolier Bag: Cultural Persistence and Elaboration.
  • Oakes, Dr. Jill. Comparison of Factors Influencing Caribou and Cooper Inuit Skin Clothing.

Volume 18 - 1991

  • Beaudoin-Ross, Jacqueline. Marie-Paule Haute Couture.
  • Finkel, Alicia. Madame Vestris, the English Adonis.
  • Helvenston, Sally I. Fashion and Function in Women's Dress in Rural New England: 1840-1900.
  • Kaiser, Susan B., Lennon, Sharon J., and Damhorst, Mary Lynn. Forum: Gendered Appearances in Twentieth-Century Popular Media.
  • Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher. Cloth, Clothing, and Early American Social History.

Volume 17 - 1990

  • Chico, Beverly. Gender Headwear and Power in Judaic and Christian Traditions.
  • Dufresne, Laura Rinaldi. A Woman of Excellent Character: A Case Study of Dress, Reputation and the Changing Costume of Cristine de Pizan in the Fifteenth Century.
  • Helvenston, Sally. Fashion on the Frontier.
  • Kuchta, David M. "Graceful, Virile and Useful:" The Origins of the Three-Piece Suit.
  • Ritter, Joann Gregory and Feather, Betty L. Practices, Procedures and Attitudes Toward Clothing Maintenance: 1850-1860 and 1900-1910.
  • Song, Cheunsoon and Sibley, Lucy Roy. Recent Reflections about the Vertical Headdress of Fifteenth Century Northern Europe.
  • Wass, Ann Buermann and Anderson, Clarita. What Did Women Wear to Run?

Volume 16 - 1990

  • Bara, Jana. Cradled in Furs: Winter Fashions in Montreal in the 1860s.
  • Chapman, Dana Lacy and Dickey, Lois E. A Study of Costume Through Art: An Analysis of Dutch Women's Costumes from 1600-1650.
  • Cunningham, Patricia. Annie Jenness Miller and Mabel Jenness: Promoters of Physical Culture and Correct Dress.
  • Grossbard, Judy and Merkel, Robert S. "Modern" Wheels Liberated "The Ladies" 100 Years Ago.
  • Maeder, Edward and Bryant, Nancy. Commentary and Response: An Inquiry Into Research Methods.
  • Song, Cheunsoon and Sibley, Lucy Roy. The Vertical Headdress of Fifteenth Century Northern Europe.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. Fetters of Gold: The Jewelry of Renaissance Saxony in the Portraits of Cranach the Elder.
  • Wehrle, Louise and Paoletti, Jo. What Do We Wear to the Wedding Now that the Funeral Is Over? A Look at Advice and Etiquette Literature, and Practice During the Years 1880-1910 in America.
  • Wilson, Laurel. Anna Gove: "Lady, Female Doctoress:" Social Non-conformist & Clothing Conservative.

Volume 15 - 1989

  • Benhamou, Reed. The Restraint of Excessive Apparel: England 1337-1604.
  • Brandt, Brenda M. Arizona Clothing: A Frontier Perspective.
  • Delorey, Barbara. American Fireworks and Fans: The Genius of Edmund Soper Hunt and Frank Blake Allen.
  • Finkel, Alicia. A Tale of Lilies, Sunflowers and Knee-breeches: Oscar Wilde's Wardrobe for his American Tour.
  • Montégut, Philippe. Boué Soeurs: The First Haute-couture Establishment in America.
  • Pederson, Elaine and Loverin, Jan. Historic Costume Dating: Further Explanation of Schlick's Algorithm.
  • Severa, Joan and Horswill, Merrill. Costume as Material Culture.

Volume 14 - 1988

  • Albrecht, Juliana, Farrell-Beck, Jane and Winakor, Geitel. Function, Fashion and Convention in American Women's Riding Costume, 1880-1930.
  • Bryant, Nancy O. Buckles and Buttons: An Inquiry into Fastening Systems Used on Eighteenth-Century English Breeches.
  • Finkel, Alicia. "A true and perfect mirror"... Costumes for Charles Kean's Revivals of Shakespeare's Plays, 1852-1859.
  • Horswill, Merrill. Research Report: Save the Silks! Protection for Weighted Silk Costumes.
  • Kuchenmeister, Pamela Frayser and Littrell, Mary Ann. Liturgical Vestments in the Church of Norway: Aesthetics, Social Roles and Artistic Production.
  • Rexford, Nancy, Cunningham, Patricia, Kaufmann, Robert and Trautman, Patricia. Forum: Research and Publication.
  • Shine, Carolyn R. Scalping Knives and Silk Stockings: Clothing the Frontier, 1780-1795.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. Public and Private: Men's Influence on American Women's Dress for Sport and Physical Education.

Volume 13 - 1987

  • Bartsch, Donna and Trautman, Patricia. Skirts for the Nineteenth-century American Equestrienne.
  • Farrell-Beck, Jane. Nineteenth-century Construction Techniques: Practice and Purpose.
  • Fernandez, Nancy Page. Pattern Diagrams and Fashion Periodicals.
  • Gordon, Beverly. Fossilized Fashion: "Old Fashioned" Dress as a Symbol of a Separate, Work-oriented Identity.
  • Micklewright, Nancy. Tracing the Transformation in Women's Dress in Nineteenth-century Istanbul.
  • Paoletti, Jo B., Beeker, Catherine, and Pelletier, Diana. Men's Jacket Styles, 1919-1941: An Example of Coordinated Content Analysis and Object Study.
  • Riley, Robert. Museum á la Mode.
  • Tandberg, Gerilyn G. New World-Old Fashions? Immigrant Clothing on Northern Plains.
  • Thompson, Elizabeth J. and Konetschni, Walter. "Feetsie" Pajamas and White Fur Muffs: Recollections of Childhood Clothing.

Volume 12 - 1986

  • Bryant, Nancy O. Insights into the Innovative Cut of Madeleine Vionnet.
  • Cunningham, Patricia. Swimwear in the Thirties: The B.V.D. Company in a Decade of Innovation.
  • Finkel, Alicia. Edward William Godwin: A Tribute.
  • Gordon, Beverly. Dress and Dress-up at the Fundraising Fair.
  • Palmer, Alexandra. Form Follows Fashion: A Motorcoat Considered.
  • Warner, Patricia Campbell. Mourning and Memorial Jewelry of the Victorian Age.
  • Worth, Susannah. Embroidered China Crepe Shawls, 1816-1863.

Volume 11 - 1985

  • Byrd, Sue Gibson and Drake, Mary Frances. Andrew Johnson, The Tailor President.
  • Cooper, Arlene C. Casual, But Not That Casual: Some Fashions of the 1950s.
  • Koda, Harold. Rei Kawakubo and the Aesthetic of Poverty.
  • Lebing, Wendy. The Rustle of Her Dress: The Sounds of Late 19th and Early 20th Century Clothing.
  • Morra, Marisa. Silent Informers: Men's Coats from a 19th Century Period of Transition.
  • Tandberg, Gerilyn G. Towards Freedom in Dress for 19th Century Women.
  • Ulrich, Pamela V. Promoting the South: Rhetoric and Textiles in Columbus, Georgia 1850-1880.
  • Weissman, Polaire. Mostly About Stella Blum.
  • Welters, Linda. The Transition from Folk to Fashionable Dress in Attica, Greece.

Volume 10 - 1984

  • Casse, Catherine. The Iroquois Moccasin: Its Utilitarian and Symbolic Functions.
  • Cooper, Arlene. La Camargo's Skirt: The Eighteenth Century Ballet Re-Dressed.
  • Cunningham, Patricia A. Eighteenth Century Nightgowns: The Gentleman's Robe in Art and Fashion.
  • Femenias, Blenda. Peruvian Costume and European Perceptions in the Eighteenth Century.
  • Fenske, Louis J. and Robinson, Dwight E. The Flight From Fur: A Study of Technological Innovation in a Luxury Market.
  • Finkel, Alicia. Le Bal Costumé: History and Spectacle in the Court of Queen Victoria.
  • Martin, Richard. The Function of Fashion in Baudelaire's "Le Peintre de la Vie Moderne" (1863).

Volume 9 - 1983

  • Behling, Dorothy. Fashion Change in a Northwoods Lumbering Town, 1915-1925.
  • Kruckeberg, Vicky L. Dining in Style: Conservation of a Circa 1920s Velvet Gown.
  • Paoletti, Jo B. Clothes Make the Boy, 1869-1910.
  • Rabun, Josette H. and Drake, Mary Frances. Warmth in Clothing: A Victorian Perspective.
  • Rowold, Kathleen L. and Schlick, Pamela J. Systematic Identification and Classification of Historic Costume.
  • Steele, Valeria. Fashion in China.

Volume 8 - 1982

  • Coleman, Elizabeth Ann. Abstracting the "Abstract" Gown.
  • Kirke, Betty. The Intuitive Approach to Restoration: A Tribute to Elizabeth Lawrence.
  • Martin, Richard. Post-Modern Menswear: Irony and Anomaly in Men's Attire of the 1980s.
  • Morton, Linda. The Training of a Tailor.
  • Storm, Penny. The Umbilical Cord, Man's First Clothing.
  • Welters, Linda. Greek Women's Chemises.

Volume 7 - 1981

  • Beaudoin-Ross, Jacqueline. 'A la Canadienne' Once More: Some Insights into Quebec Rural Female Dress.
  • Cunningham, Patricia. The Theoretical Bases of William Hogarth's Depictions of Dress.
  • Furer, Gloira. Kapa and Palaka.
  • Helvenston, Sally. Advice to American Mothers on the Subject of Children's Dress 1800-1920.
  • Jerde, Judith. Mary Molloy: St. Paul's Extraordinary Dressmaker.
  • Kiernan, Matthew. Stepping Out: Footwear in the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
  • Klumpp, Donna Rey. An Historical Overview of Maasai Dress.
  • Martin, Richard. "The New Soft Look:" Jackson Pollack, Cecil Beaton, and American Fashion in 1951.
  • Paoletti, Jo Barraclough. Cartoons and the Costume Historian.
  • Sloper, Nancy. The Conservation and Reconstruction of a Wool Gaiter.
  • Storm, Penny A. A Thought on the Origin and Function of Dress Since They Weren't Naked After All.

Volume 6 - 1980

  • Adler, Shane. A Diary and a Dress.
  • Beaudoin-Ross, Jacqueline. A la Canadienne: Some Aspects of 19th Century Habitant Dress.
  • Blum, Stella. The Idyllic Fashions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1918.
  • Clark, Sallye. Carrie Taylor, Kentucky Dressmaker.
  • Foote, Shelly. Bloomers.
  • Helvenston, Sally. Popular Advice for the Well Dressed Woman in the 19th Century.
  • Hillestad, Robert. The Underlying Structure of Appearance.
  • Paoletti, Jo. Barradough. The Role of Choice in the Democratization of Fashion.
  • Prellwitz, Marcia and Metcalf, Marcia D. The Documentation of 19th Century American Costume.
  • Tandberg, Gerilyn G. Field Hand Clothing in Louisiana and Mississippi During the Ante-Bellum Period.
  • Tarrant, Naomi. European Costume and Textiles in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh.

Volume 5 - 1979

  • Behling, Dorothy. The Russian Influence on Fashion 1909-1925.
  • Coleman, Evelyn J. Boston's Atheneum for Fashions.
  • Doering, Mary D. American Red Cross Uniforms.
  • Feather, Betty L. and Sibley, Lucy R. Overlooked Pages of North American Clothing History.
  • Nordquist, Barbara. Kura Cloth.
  • Trautman, Pat. Personal Clothiers: A Demographic Study of Dressmakers, Seamstresses and Tailors.
  • Wallach, Anne. Fashions and Underfashions.
  • Weeden, Patricia. How Your Clothes Get Into Your Speech.

Volume 4 - 1978

  • Adams, Samuel Hopkins. The Dishonest Paris Label: How American Women are Being Fooled by a Country-Wide Swindle.
  • Francis, Marilyn. Form Follows Fashionable Function: The Look of the Egyptian XVIII Dynasty.
  • Forman, Micki. Tutmania.
  • Kidwell, Claudia. Short Gowns.
  • Nordquist, Barbara K. The Ryukyu Islands: Some Notes on Dress.
  • Warner, Deborah Jean. Fashion, Emancipation, Reform and the Rational Undergarment.

Volume 3 - 1977

  • Coleman, Dorothy. Fashion Dolls/Fashionable Dolls.
  • Olian, Jo Anne. Sixteenth-Century Costume Books.
  • Weeden, Patricia. Study Patterned on Kroeber's Investigation of Style.

Volume 2 - 1976

  • Davis, Shane Adler. Is It Worth Looking at Jennie?
  • Murray, Anne. From Breeches to Sherryvallies.
  • Salmon, Larry. Ballooning: Accessories After the Fact.

Volume 1 - 1975

  • Callister, J. Herbert. Taste in Dress in 18th Century America.
  • Plogsterth, Ann. The Modernization of Roman Catholic Sisters' Habits in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Ratner, Elaine. Levi's.



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