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Member Business Directory

The CSA "Member Business Directory" provides information and links to the web sites of business, corporate, and institutional members. Find CSA members who are costume and textile appraisers, conservators, designers, pattern companies, travel providers, and more. You can even search by location.

Visit the "Business Directory Search" page to find CSA member businesses and institutions in these categories:

  • Appraisal/Insurance Work
  • Archival Work/Research/Consultants
  • Artists/Photographers
  • Auction Companies
  • Books/Publications
  • Conservation/Restoration Services
  • Costume/Textile Dealers
  • Costume/Textile Shops
  • Designer/Clothier/Tailor
  • Colleges/Universities/Schools
  • Exhibition Work
  • Film/Performing Arts
  • Historical Societies
  • Image/Cosmetics Company
  • Lecturers
  • Library/Resource Center
  • Museums/Galleries/Historical Sites
  • Pattern Companies
  • Reenactment/Dance Group
  • Travel Service

Several categories are provided with links to a variety of companies, institutions, dealers, services, clubs/societies, and other business resources. If you would like to become a business, corporate, or institutional member and have your web site listed on this CSA web page, please read Membership Information for more information.

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